Thursday, March 10, 2016

Amazon Site Down Again

Today the major online retailer,, had a brief period of service disruption in the US. Data compiled by showed that 2:19 PM, the site had over 10 thousand reports of trouble of either logging on, or loading site at all.
Map provided by at 3:00 PM; Google Earth TOS applys (

While most parts of the country were back up by 3:00 PM, Los Angeles and several other major cities still reported the site down.

Last year, Amazon took over as the worlds biggest retailer, reported the LA Times. Even a short time down is a big deal. Web content providers often depend on revenue from Amazon's Associate program to keep content free for their readers. If readers can't complete a purchase, they may choose to not make a purchase, or visit later instead. This keeps blog writers and other content providers from getting their 4 or 6 percent referral fee. has yet to comment on the outage.

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